Video Conferencing For on-line coaching Sessions

Video conferencing is today’s latest trend within the field of education, within the same manner most of the businesses area unit currently wanting forward to rearrange virtual trainings for his or her trainees. sensible schoolroom and E-learning solutions is that the a part of on-line coaching sessions which may energize the staff in developing the abilities and challenges.

Usually the organizations prepare coaching campaigns at a particular locations and raise the trainees to maneuver thereto place to attend the coaching sessions. These circumstances area unit currently ever-changing with the help of the video conferencing package. currently the trainees will attend the coaching session of the trainer through on-line, by being anyplace round the world.

Companies with multiple variety of workers build use of a video conferencing answer as a coaching tool. on-line coaching with internet conferencing is extremely less costly and simpler than a category space coaching. This technology can ease the organization in minimizing the price and time that’s being afforded for the physical coaching.

Without thinking of traveling and expenses, internet conferencing technology have edges of transcription the web coaching sessions:

Easy manner of conducting worker training:
Large firms build the new workers to own a fly for coaching to an overseas locations that is being stress for the trainers and trainees. Video conferencing is facilitating the staff to attach with the trainer for coaching sessions by being anyplace round the globe.

Effectiveness in Learning and Improvement in knowledge:
Learning effectiveness is seen when the coaching session, on-line coaching sessions have Associate in Nursing choice to discuss the session and tell the feedback of the session. this can be the place to face the challenges to achieve out and to prove their data while not moving from their own places.

The trainer will connect with the staff from numerous locations, however the session is conducted in Associate in Nursing interactive manner. Video Conferencing package facilitates in sharing and causing the documents to all or any the members or elect members of the conference in live conferences itself. Any reasonably information is shared and transferred to the trainees outright by being among the conference.

Finally it is over that video conferencing package is that the finest answer for the web coaching sessions wherever the trainer will build use of video conferencing to clarify the staff regarding the merchandise data very well. it’s the sole answer to chop the expenses in coaching and development.

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Video Conferencing In business

Whether it’s a family weekend tour or a business trip, individuals love traveling outside their homes, they fancy being at totally different geographical locations as a traveller. payment vacation with family helps in equalization work and residential. With a busy schedule, members of the family area unit occupied, having no time to pay fancy, a travel trip permits members of the family to pay time with one another. On the opposite hand business traveling helps in team building. In either cases sensible designing is important to confirm a cheerful travel trip. Implementing technology helps travel agencies in making new travel packages with exotic locations, serving to tourists to decide the trip and winning confidence relating to the facilities provided.

Deciding a travel trip – each traveller place is of nice interest, value payment time and cash. fascinating Videos regarding the place apprehend to grasp regarding the place. Next the traveller consider travel booking, comprehensive of building accommodation, convincing the tourists that the agency provides well expedited accommodation is vital. business agencies have the knowledge relating to numerous places and therefore the accommodation they’re aiming to give. victimisation Video conferencing to virtually see and move with the individuals can facilitate in building trust of the traveller to wards the agency.

Virtual tour – Real tour is also planned for a month or every week, having a visible understanding of the tour before the important tour, interacting with a neighborhood guide victimisation video conferencing technology that connects to tour locations are going to be a decent preface for an extended trip. A virtual visit of the tour package to the tourists when travel booking, boosts enthusiasm and confidence to wards the traveller agencies. By implementing multipoint video conferencing that connects multiple traveller locations with traveller agency at an equivalent time helps the tourists to go to the places live among Associate in Nursing hour.

Budget packages – Less cash with a lot of privileges is what each traveller appearance at. Presenting a travel tour with several facilities among the budget is also unbelievable to the traveller. It keeps them pondering the comforts at the traveller places. manufacturing recorded videos regarding the accommodation might not build trust within the traveller. Having Associate in Nursing interactive language with the workers and seeing the accommodation live will bring belief in them. Interacting through video conferencing offers a sense of face to face language. on-line conferencing tools like video conferencing package permits property of tourists to workers at the accommodation.

Guides – Guides build the places a lot of fascinating. They mount tremendous enthusiasm, bring life to the place with the amalgam of information and their voice culture. If the tourists aren’t happy with the guide the entire situation becomes uninteresting. reprehension the guide before the trip on-line through video conferencing package ensures that their time and cash spent area unit value to be with a knowledgable and warm one that will energize with their spirited angle.

Technology facilitates individuals, business is not any exception. Effective Implementation of Video conferencing connects individuals and places delivery out wonderful ends up in business.

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Discovering the Advantages of Online Video Chatting

Online chatting allows communicating with people through text, audio and video media. It is an efficient tool which helps stay in touch with friends and family members living worldwide. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people. Contrary to traditional phone calls (which are usually quite expensive), online chatting is available for free. Free chat rooms are getting more and more popular. In fact, they have grown into a huge networking platform that allows making new friends and socializing with like-minded people. Online chatting is not limited by geographical boundaries and therefore allows people communicating despite the distances between them. In addition to providing personal benefits, video chats offer numerous business benefits. Thus, video chat rooms are widely used for carrying out international online conferences.

Online chatting helps developing romantic relationships. For example, many dating websites provide efficient webcam chat services which allow their members build relationships in the online environment. Millions of people worldwide prefer making new acquaintances or looking for a twin soul through the Internet. Online chatting gives the opportunity to socialize with strangers without revealing personal information you want to conceal. Many portals provide video chat services without charging additional fee. Video chatting is usually more pleasurable than text messaging. Live webcam communication is undoubtedly beneficial, as it is always pleasant to see the person you are talking to. This gives the feeling of a real-life communication.

By joining chat rooms or video networking community, you will get a chance to find ideal dates to variegate your humdrum existence and make weekends more exciting. If you want to find new friends or a date in your community, you just need to look for such specification on the website. This option allows finding like-minded people in a particular location. In other words, when using this facility you can find an ideal date for vacation or weekends. Face-to-face conversation with a person you like is a pleasant experience which helps relieve tension and cast away daily difficulties.

Video networking has become an integral part of modern life. It is the cheapest and the fastest way to get in touch with other people. It helps decrease billing costs and provides people with quick and convenient communication methods. In addition, many people use this communication platform for finding information on the subjects they are interested in. People registered with online communication portals discuss a great variety of topics, including literature, music, religion, politics, relationships, etc. In other words, these are the places where you can find lots of useful information and a good piece of advice. At the same time, we should not neglect the advantages webcam chatting for business conferences.

Whether you are a business person or just an ordinary Internet user looking for entertainment, online video chat will help discover new opportunities. However, always make sure you join a reputable chat room.

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International Video Calling Vs Prepaid Calling Cards: Find Out Which Is Better For You

Most businesses and individuals who frequently place international calls have begun to become aware of and take advantage of alternative services that let them stay in contact but do not cost as much as traditional phone service providers attempt to charge for their services. Video phone service and calling cards are two of the best examples of these alternate communication products. We are going to take a look at video conference calling using VoIP and compare it to prepaid calling cards and see which comes out on top:

Video Calling/Video Phone Service

Video conference calling is the newer technology, and represents a new standard in long-distance communication for many people. The experience provided is not only equal to traditional phone service, but actually superior, given the added video aspect. Video calling using a VoIP service or program is a huge advantage in terms of convenience for both home and business use. Depending on which provider you select, you may have to pay extra for the increased bandwidth used to transmit the video data, but they will often compensate for this by offering various freebies, such as free group video calling or other services.

International Prepaid Calling Cards

Calling cards have been around a bit longer than video conference calling, so more people are familiar and comfortable with it. The big advantage calling cards have over video phone service is that it will usually be slightly cheaper when factoring in bandwidth costs. However, that is really the only advantage cards offer over video phone service. Most people prefer video conference calling in nearly every other situation; calling card phone calls are just traditional voice connections after all.

While both digital VoIP and international prepaid calling cards represent significant improvements over the prices and services you will see the large traditional phone service providers offer, video calling is poised to take over the market as the superior product when comparing the two.

Video conference calling is really changing the way the world communicates; being able to see the expressions a person uses in either a professional or personal interaction feels like a much more vivid and intimate experience than a phone call ever did. Watch for prices to further drop on video calling as broadband internet access penetrates markets more and more; within a few years this may well be the preferred method of communication for most people who have access to the Internet.

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Video-Conferencing Outlook for 2014

2013 had been an exciting year when it comes to Video Conferencing. The continual growing acceptance of the technology in all corporate verticals coupled with the constant innovation in technology had led to the increasing adoption and deployment of Video Conferencing in many companies.

During the span of time in the existence of Video Conferencing, the technology has mainly been predominantly hardware-based systems deployed over leased lines. With the increase of bandwidth availability with the proliferation of fibre-based internet connection, Video Conferencing is rapidly converging to be part of an expanding function within the scope of an ICT deployment.

On that note, the manufacturers of Video Conferencing equipment are constantly developing more and more powerful codecs that could transmit encode and decode incredibly high quality video and sound in a secured connection by adopting highly efficient protocols such as H.323, H.264 and SIP. The technological improvements to desktop clients and mobile devices (mainly smartphones and tablets) further promote the use of multipoint video conferencing. In fact with its increased processing powers, VoIP and content sharing are now all made possible.

I am no fortune teller, nor do I own any telepathic gifts, but for 2014, based on a technical and professional (as a specialised ICT integrator) point of view, I would predict the 2014 direction and outlook of Video Conferencing in the following area to be as such…

End Points and Codecs

The constant need of new hardware will diminish pretty much from now on. As the trend of the recent developments by the Video Conferencing manufacturers and developers had emphasised their focus developing efforts mainly on software and interfaces that would enhance collaboration and interoperability. This efforts will lead to a scenario whereby hardware, software and technologies, both existing and yet to come, are brought together to work seamlessly and cohesively. The area of improving the overall end user experience shall also be part of their key focus and direction.

Perhaps this year more than any other the need for new hardware and technology is far less prominent. The key emerging technologies, it appears, will not be centred on hardware but around tools that focus on end user experience, collaboration and interoperability. The focus for many VC providers in 2014 will be to bring all of the new and existing technologies, hardware and software, together.

Already now, more and more video conferencing manufacturers and developers are rolling out MCUs and end points with software that can be freely distributed to desktop and mobile clients, allowing every individual user to have HD video conferencing experience. Many such features are easily also made to integrate with other existing UC solutions like Microsoft Lync or softphones, moving closer to total UC&C. With this as a direction, we can expect many legacy and interoperability to be a thing of the past very soon.

Mobility and BYOD

One cannot deny the impact of the advent of Smartphones and tablets in the recent years had actually reshaped the working environment landscape for all organisations. The ease of use, functionality, connectivity and affordability of such devices had contributed to the exponential proliferation of such devices to the point that many now regard such devices as an extension of their own self, much like Filofaxes and digital diaries in the 80s era.

Banking on the already existing and growing users of mobile devices, (laptops, notebooks and ultrabooks included), video conferencing manufacturers and developers are generally acknowledging the importance of getting their software and services to work with their video conferencing solutions. We had already witnessed many such manufacturers and developers scramble to develop and update clients and applications to address interoperability issues, on that note, video conferencing adoption rate will surely be brought to new heights reaching out to yet-to-be adopters and even penetrating verticals.

Cloud’s Participation

The buzzword for the past couple of years, “CLOUD”, is still setting off reasonable buzz in the ICT world.

Hosted video conferencing solutions are also gaining traction. Appealing to especially SMEs and organisations who are looking for fuss free, easy to deploy solutions. The reduction in initial capital outlay has been proven to be a deciding factor for many organisations that are turned off by the hassle and need of infrastructure and hardware purchases previously.

Security and the need to project professionalism has also contributed to the shift to Cloud hosted solutions for organisations that previously swear by Skype and Google Hangouts which are touted to be free.

The development of WebRTC also would spur the increase adoption (this applies even to non cloud hosted solutions). The video conferencing solutions developers could just easily develop APIs based on the open sourced based web embedded technology. Are you looking for “hosted voip providers”? Check out CORE Networks The passionate experts in this field are ready to answer all of your requests.

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Creative Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

As an employer, the one thing that you want is maximum productivity around the office. The truth however is that many employers are never happy with the results they get from the employees. They therefore spend most of their time coming up with strict rules and regulations as a way of keeping the productivity levels high. However, even with such restrictions, it still posses to be a challenge for them to achieve what they desire for a company or business.

On the other hand, there are businessmen who have all they need from employees. They will hit their targets and make the business a success from every angle. At the end of the day, the boss is happy and the workers are just as happy. So what is it that you could be doing wrong around your company? And what can you do to help? Employee satisfaction is the answer to all your needs. You need to think about their welfare before you can see any changes in their productivity. Here are a few things that can make a difference.

Pay them well. An employee who feels that he receives less than he deserves for the work he does will never put any efforts. They will simply make sure they work just enough to match with the salary they enjoy at the end of the month. By paying them amounts that are reasonable to their duties, you will find they are happy to work hard. A financially happy employee is a productive employee.

Treat them firm but friendly: To keep the employee employer respect, you need to remain firm in running the company. You however, also want to be as humane as possible. Understand the needs of the employees and their capabilities. Know when it is time to push for more and when it is time to stop. When they feel you understand them, they will love you and respect you as their boss. You can be amazed by just how much they can do to impress you.

Make team building fun: Many employers will never give a break to their employees. Team building is an important part of keeping them motivated. It will also give them a chance to mingle and interact. When they establish relationships, it will be easier to relate to each other around the work place. They therefore will work in unison to make your business a success. Make the team building sessions as fun as possible and take part in them as well.

Handling employees well is the answer to your business success. To understand better how to deal with people working for you and still remain the boss, you can use useful resources. They can include online books which are very insightful. They can propel you to success by opening your eyes to things you took for granted. The free books can be accessed by anyone and are authored by business experts. The books online will handle business from different angles and you can download books you feel will be most useful to you.

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Building Your Business With Futuristic Video Conferencing Technology

What used to be a futuristic tool used in science fiction movies just a few decades ago has become one of the most transformative technologies in human history. Videoconferencing technology (and more specifically, high definition video conferencing tied in with cloud solutions) is able to give you the ability to run, administer, and collaborate inside your business from anywhere around the world. Never before have all of us had the kind of access and reach – not to mention influence – that we do today thanks to the immersive telepresence offered by some of the very best platforms on the market right now.

Building your business – from any corner of the globe – has never been easier than it is right now, especially if you’re tapping into all that immersive telepresence services have to offer. Here’s a handful of ways to maximize the integration of this high-powered technology, giving you the kind of edge and advantage you need to stay relevant in today’s far-flung economy.

Remember that absolutely nothing beats face to face communications when trying to run a business.

One of the biggest problems that modern businesses (and really, businesses throughout history) have had to contend with is the setting up, establishing, and running of meetings that do little more than bog down the time of high-level members.

We’ve all been part of meetings that went absolutely nowhere – and had no real reason to exist – other than to serve as a time wasting exercise. However, at the exact same time, face-to-face communications have always been critical in making sure that all parties involved understand exactly what is expected of them, as well as outlining the next steps that need to be taken in achieving any business goal or sale. Without this face-to-face communication, businesses all over the world would collapse under the weight of all their “moving parts” – something that no smart and savvy entrepreneur can afford.

Unified communications solutions allow for ridiculously efficient collaboration.

However, immersive telepresence technology doesn’t have to be used only to administer your business – it can actually be an effective tool for each and every one of your business departments to more efficiently collaborate with off-site workers or management personnel.

In fact, more and more small businesses are becoming global in nature – employing people and experts from all corners of the globe, people that may never have the opportunity to meet face to face in person. However, they still may need to collaborate directly with one another on major projects. Without immersive telepresence technology based off of cloud solutions, you’d be forced to either hire out experts in your local area (or those willing to relocate) or make do with inefficient communication technologies like telephone, fax, and email.

Luckily, this isn’t an issue when you decide to integrate immersive telepresence technologies into your business. Work closely with an industry leader that can deliver you the kind of custom tailored solution that you need to build your business and soon you’ll have the kind of unified communications solutions that will help you grow and adapt in our modern business environment.

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Five Advantages of Using Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is conducting a conference call using the internet to transfer audio and video data. Every single person in the conference call has to have a camera, speakers, headphones or speakers. The speakers voice is transmitted through the internet to every other participant in the conference call. These are five reasons why you should start using conferencing.

Saves time and money

In order to capture new markets it would be necessary to travel. Some of the regular travelling to other countries can be reduced by using the video conference. Though nothing can substitute travelling to other countries to visit colleagues and loyal customers, making use of video conferencing applications from time to time can help you save time and money. Video conference applications now have high definition sound and video, which provides a crisp platform to communicate. Calculate the total cost of a travel including trips from to and fro to airport, flight, stay and compare it with the price of getting a video conferencing application, you can find that you can save your business a lot of money.

Increase in Productivity

Your business might require your employees to be placed in different remote locations. With the help of video conferencing applications, they can establish a proper communication channel using which they can take better informed decisions and complete projects quicker. Being able to see a person’s face is one of the advantages of conferencing applications, it would force people to focus on the conversation. In addition, their non-verbal expressions can be seen while using the video applications. Teams now interact with Instant messaging, phone and email but video conferencing applications have emerged as an affordable yet effective method of communication.

Hire Talent Easily

If you want to hire from different cities, then you would have a tough time without using video conferencing applications. Organizations that have installed video conference applications have reduced expenses and time on travelling. Hiring employees through video interview has proven to be an effective way to find the talent. Video interviews can be recorded to analyze later, moreover if the multiple people wish to interview the candidate then a video conference can setup easily. Employee retention has also increased as a result of conferencing. Employees can now login remotely from their homes to communicate with people from work. Moreover, you would be able to employ freelancers who work remotely.

Stay Competitive

Video conferencing helps bring all teams in your workforce to communicate productively and take informed decisions to hold a competitive advantage in the market. If your business gets video conferencing application then customers would be able to hold a one to one video call with your company’s support team.

There are numerous companies in varied industries that use conferencing applications. Companies that manufacture parts use video conferencing to ensure that the product does not lose its accuracy while it travels through the supply chain.

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Beat Face to Face Meetings With Online Group Collaboration

Collaboration is a great way for people to get things done, gain knowledge and have fun together. When employees work with others in a group, they can easily solve difficult problems, share valuable learning and coordinate their work. Face to face meetings are also great for group collaboration but they also have problems.

Online Collaboration can get around some of those problems, and also provide some benefits that face to face meetings can not provide.

Following are four main problems with face to face group collaboration:

1. Same place: All team members must meet in the same place which can involve time consuming, expensive and environmentally unsustainable travel.

2. Same time: All team members must meet at the same time. And to scheduling a meeting to suit everyone is difficult in small groups and impossible in a large one.

3. No record: Each person or a minute-taker must take notes about what was said.

4. Now or never: In a group meeting, you have one chance to have your say and sometimes that great idea is a little time coming.

How Online Collaboration overcome these problems

1. Participate from any place: This may seem obvious but it reflects the greatest effect that the Internet has had on the World: reduced the cost of communication. Digital communications technology has made the World smaller. You can participate in meetings from any other location.

2. Participate Anytime: Sometimes people do read or post content at different times, which is possible through various tools of online collaboration such as email, Yahoo Groups, etc. No scheduling is required.

3. Create an Archive: With online collaboration, every meeting held is automatically recorded so that there is usually a lasting archived that can be searched and browsed. It is useful for preserving organizational knowledge.

4. Participate at your own Pace:You do not have respond straight away with online collaboration. You can read the conversations at your own pace and can respond when you are ready.

Online Collaboration saves your lot of time

The benefits of online collaboration stem from the fact that an archive is created as the collaboration occurs. This allows people to participate, not at the exact moment, when they feel right. It means they can listen closely and think before they reply. Also, it gives them time to browse various discussions and choose the ones that are of most interest.

Online collaboration provides these opportunities stretching into the future. People can find the information that you post at any time in the future in online groups, saving them time with no extra effort from you.

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Life + HD = Lifesize HD Video Conferencing

High Definition makes life a little clearer and more beautiful. In a nutshell, HD provides a substantially higher resolution and definition than your everyday standard. HD quality can be found not just in televisions, but also HD DVD’s, specific HD television channels, and even HD computer screens. But why stop there? Some of you may already know this, but for those who don’t, there’s another HD option out there – Lifesize HD Video Conferencing.

But why video conferencing when there are so many programs out there that already provide a webcam interface? Well, regardless of how many options are out there for video conferencing, there still isn’t one out there that truly satisfies its users. In fact, here are the top 3 issues users have when using some form of video conferencing:

1) Awful picture quality and sound

2) Slow/lagging program

3) Overall complicated user interface

Lifesize HD Video Conferencing took those problems into account and made them a thing of the past. The high quality image, sound, and user interface that comes with Lifesize Video Conferencing is so revolutionary that current users can now not even imagine running their business operations without it. Lifesize VIdeo conferencing can be used by practically any department from finance, engineering, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, product development, sales, training, etc. and can play a vital role in the success of the business.

How can Lifesize Video Conferencing help out your business?

  • Cuts down travel time
  • Prevents meeting delays
  • Organizes meeting
  • Display high quality presentations
  • More involvement among employees
  • Real time, high quality exchange of information, regardless of time or place
  • Faster response
  • Improve customer service
  • More engagement in communication

Many businesses would agree that integrating Lifesize into their operations has significantly provided them with more efficiency, productivity, and a definite competitive edge.

… But of course, there are those companies that are small in size and would prefer to invest in a more affordable option of video conferencing without having to skimp on the features. Well, now smaller businesses can purchase HD video conferencing without having to worry about complicated technology on expensive technology.

Lifesize on a Smaller Scale

Lifesize is known for bringing world class, HD video conferencing to big businesses around the world, but now, it can also be an option for small businesses. The Lifesize Icon 400 is specifically designed to bring the same power and quality one would expect from Lifesize to a much smaller scale. It provides small meetings and huddle rooms with the ability to participate in high quality video conferencing, without having to worry about installing a large, complicated, and expensive solution.

The Lifesize Icon 400 may be smaller in size, but it is definitely not lacking in any of the exceptional features. You can still expect features such as seamless call escalation, shared directories, virtual meeting rooms, guest invites, etc. just to name a few. This is also on top of the obvious qualities to expect with Lifesize such as next to perfect video quality, great sound quality, easy user interface, and automatic updates. Features such as those just listed are what make Lifesize such an immersive experience. It beautifully brings together its users so that they can share their knowledge, ideas, and overall presence with others around the world.

What makes the Icon 400 different than other Lifesize video conferencing solutions is the way in which it is designed. The camera and the end point are built into one piece of small and sleek equipment that can be placed on any sturdy surface. There are also fewer cables, making it much easier and quicker to install. Lastly, it is designed so compactly that it can only support 1 display, 1 laptop, 1 audio device, and 1 Ethernet cable at a time. Remember, this was done with intention for the small conference room. So keep in mind that although it may be smaller in size, that does not at all mean that the features and quality have gone down as well.

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